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"Serving Clients...With A Servant's Heart"

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Are you a nonprofit organization, self-employed/independent contractor, or small business owner with a need for business support solutions in the areas of


  • Bookkeeping,
  • Payroll,
  • Tax Preparation,
  • QuickBooks Help,
  • Consulting,
  • Document Prepration, or
  • Notary Public


but do not have enough volume to justify a full-time employee?  Do you occasionally have special projects you or your staffers do not have time to handle?  Or do you need a level of expertise that you do not have in-house or that you, as an individual, do not have yourself?


At Your Service, a freelance and outsource provider of professional business support solutions, is your answer.


Why engage At Your Service for your business support solutions need?


Although solutions provided by At Your Service could be employed in-house, freelancing or outsourcing eliminates expenses relative to hiring employees to provide these solutions - such as benefits, vacation and sick time, health insurance, and employer taxes.  Additionally, since At Your Service operates from a fully equipped office and pays for its own computers, software, and office equipment, outsourcing eliminates the expense for these items as well.


At Your Service provides solutions via the traditional brick and mortar (in-person) environment, as well as utilizing the latest internet technology, along with fax, phone, and shipping mediums, to provide solutions via a virtual environment.  All clients of At Your Service are provided with professional, timely, and efficient solutions.  Our primary concern is your satisfaction with the array of solutions we provide.  So, whether you prefer in-person solutions or are interested in virtual solutions, put At Your Service on your team and together we will both win.







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